Why there is a ruckus on WhatsApp's new service condition, what will be the effect on you

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So far, only leaked reports were before us on the new terms of use of WhatsApp, but now the company has started giving notifications to its users about the new service conditions. The new service conditions for whatsApp use are coming into effect from February 8, 2021, according to which if you have to use WhatsApp, you will have to fully accept its service terms, otherwise you can delete your WhatsApp account if you want.

As per the notification received by WhatsApp users, the new service conditions are coming into effect from 8th February 2021 stating that if you do not approve the service conditions of WhatsApp, you can delete your WhatsApp account.

According to the screenshot of the notification, the new terms clearly say that if a users are not allowed our terms, they can delete their WhatsApp account. WhatsApp’s new terms also explain how the Facebook-owned company will use whatsApp users ‘ data in the new year.

It also explains how Facebook will store and manage your chats for business. The WhatsApp spokesperson also whatsapp, ios, homescreenconfirmed the new terms last month and said that WhatsApp would have to accept its terms to use.

How will Whatsapp’s new terms of service affect you?

If you agree with the term and conditions of WhatsApp, then you can get the problem. Whatsapp used to do the business of your chats earlier too, and an end to end encryption was shown on the bus for trust because now WhatsApp has made it clear that it is now your data for its business. Will do. Whatsapp will make your chats like a business tool.

We understand this with an example.
If you send a link to your friend, you will get the link to the same product on Facebook and Insta Will appear on Whatsapp shows you AIDS with your chats. This is the reason that with the help of WhatsApp your chats data, you see publicity.
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